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HOW WE build

versatile. dynamic. diverse. energy efficient.

Natural, traditional, alluring, modern, classic, contemporary, charming, are just some of the words that describe the style of home that Milford Homes builds. With the ever changing landscape we know as Western Australia and the need for people to find their own piece of WA to fit their lifestyle, we provide diverse methods of building that ensures we are able to achieve not only the most cost-effective final result for our clients but, a home style that will always complement the property our clients have chosen as their space.

Whether it be a sloping site filled with “tricky” stuff like rock, clay and water, a flat suburban area that needs to maximise its use of space or, a coastal property that sits on a sand dune, Milford Homes provides easy and adaptable solutions to suit all property types and budgets of the people we build for.

VERSATILE, tick! All of our homes can be built on a suspended floor system atop an in-ground stumped foundation, on a concrete slab or a combination of both. They are built on the property from treated timbers and finished in a large range of claddings providing our clients with the ability to choose how their home is finished.



DYNAMIC, you bet! No matter where your property is or the terrain it presents, Milford Homes can build with ease due to our homes being fully built on our clients’ properties. We do not build a transportable or pre-fabricated home that can come with costly transport and access costs and issues. We ensure that all of our clients receive the same high level of efficient construction scheduling ensuring you will not be met with prolonged stagnant periods and forever extending handover dates. You’ll see your home being built and rest easy knowing that soon you’ll be in it.

DIVERSE, always! Whether your property has natural contours that require your home to be at different levels out of the ground, flat and sandy though in a space that demands a home that stands out or on a clay, rocky or a combination of hard earths, our style of build provides simple and cost-effective methods of construction that not only reduce onerous and costly earthworks to almost zero but result in a home that capitalises on all properties and the unique features each of them offer.

ENERGY EFFICIENT, absolutely! Milford Homes’ framed style of construction provides the ability for all walls, roof spaces and suspended internal floor systems to be fully insulated. Using a combination of window and door frame styles, glazing specifications and wall densities means that we can build you a home that performs just how you need it no matter the location of your property or the time of year.

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Unit 1, 49 Conquest Way, Wangara. Western Australia