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Add some attitude

There are so many ways to make a home look just the way you want it and let’s be honest, it really isn’t nor should it be hard! Some love the refined elegance of a traditional home from yesteryear, some like a balance of classic Australia with a modern edge and some want that cutting line in-vogue presence. We at Milford Homes believe that it’s not up to us to tell you how your home should be but simply provide you with options that allow you to create your style. You may have already noticed that all of our designs as standard can be built without any extra cost in either a Traditional or Modern style elevation. But we don’t want to put you in those boxes either…bring on “Add Attitude”!

What is “Add Attitude” you might ask. Well, it’s working with our current standard or modified floor plans and transforming the external appearance all while maintaining our usual and trusted construction methods. By focusing on clean lines, using a combination of mixed external materials, hardwood decks, a balance of cool and warm, light and dark, let us create with you a trendsetting contemporary yet timeless home that aligns with your individual style.

Throughout our website you’ll see some of our home designs that have been shown in the “Add Attitude” elevation style. So feel free to have a browse and let your creativeness run wild. To save you some time all of those designs are directly accessible through the page you’re on. Just ask and our Design Team can go over all cost options with you.

So is it time to take a bold approach? Why not? Add Attitude!

Tropics 4×2

Daintree Loft 5×2

Alpine 4×2

Norfolk 4×2

Glacier Extra 4×2 + Media

Glacier 4×2 + Media

Coastal 4×2 + Media


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Unit 1, 49 Conquest Way, Wangara. Western Australia