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Outback Home Designs

Cleverly designed layouts that provide open space living with kitchens to create generous areas for entertaining, spacious bathrooms, built-in robes and a verandah that provides that perfect spot for a relaxing cup of tea or sitting down with friends and family. Sounds like they have what all homes should have really, doesn’t it? Well spot on, the Out Back Range of designs provide that perfect balance of all you need to feel just at home while not compromising on what’s included. Oh, did we mention they can fit in most back yards? Using our exact same methods of construction the Out Back Range can be built on just about any property and because they’re built on site you won’t have the hassles and expense commonly experienced through transportation and access. So why not build Out Back?

Overall Size

Width: 6m
Length 7.5m


House: 37.88m2
Verandah: 7.12m2

Total: 45m2

Overall Size

Width: 6.6m
Length 8.1m


House: 43.56m2
Verandah: 9.90m2

Total: 53.46m2

Overall Size

Width: 9.1m
Length 7.6m


House: 57.76m2
Verandah: 11.40m2

Total: 69.16m2

Overall Size

Width: 9.9m
Length 5.4m


House: 45.36m2
Verandah: 7.43m2

Total: 52.79m2

Overall Size

Width: 11.7m
Length 6m


House: 61.20m2
Verandah: 9.00m2

Total: 70.20m2


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