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Alpine 5x3

Alpine 5×3

Having all bedrooms on the upper floor along with an ensuite to the master, separate main bathroom and separate WC means there’s plenty of space for everyone, not to mentioned a Gallery as well. Its ground floor consists of multi-zoned entertaining areas and a Living room that not only connects to an outdoor living area but sits beneath the roof of the upper floor above and looks up to the gallery, bringing in an abundance of ambience.


All designs are available in the no-cost option of Traditional or Modern style elevations.

Overall Size

  • Width: 19.5m
  • Length: 11.7m


  • 334.26m2


  • Ground Floor: 113.92m2
  • Upper Floor: 136.45m2
  • Garage: 35.29m2
  • Porch: 3.40m2
  • Laundry Deck: 1.18m2
  • Outdoor Living: 16.97m2
  • Optional Deck: 6.21m2


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    Unit 1, 49 Conquest Way, Wangara. Western Australia