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Experience Essential for country lot building

With open spaces, idyllic views and plenty of land for you to do as you please, it is easy to see the appeal of a country lot.

Aside from generally costing less per square metre, rural zonings can afford country property owners many freedoms with respect to how they use their land.

However, according to Milford Homes Managing Directory and Registered Builder Mal Holmes, there is a range of considerations prospective buyers should keep in mind.

“The zoning of these properties as per the residential design codes can be very different and often bring in the need for sheds, water tanks and waste disposal systems, ” he said.

“Dealing with a builder who builds in country areas and works regularly with local councils should give people the confidence to explore that special feeling of living in the country.”

Mr Homes said country properties could vary greatly, with larger areas and the potential for multiple building spaces.

“Geeting as much detail on the things like building locations, access, boundaries, building setback requirements, access to mains water and electrical and locations of any natural water courses can really help in making sure the property can be used to achieve the desired end results, so you can build the home you want to, where you want to,” he said.

Building a home in a dream location be an exciting time, but Mr Holmes said the logistics of building in more secluded areas were often overlooked.

“Realistically, a lot of builders won’t build in the country, or aren’t structured in a way that allows them to do so,” he said, adding blown-out budget was sure to cause a massive headache.

“Making sure people make an informed decision on what the cost of their home will be when building in an exact location in important, as well as getting as much detailed information on all that may be needed to ensure the home is functional once the builder hands it over.”

Mr Holmes said those building in the country typically already had a good idea of where they would like to be, but strongly recommended staying in and experiencing a community before committing to any purchase.

Milford Homes builds as far north as Northampton and as far south as Esperance, and Mr Holmes said the company understood the appeal of country charm.

“We’re always helping our clients with everything that goes with building in country locations, and ensure a very cost-effective result,” he said.

Article published in The West Australian, words by  Ben Ashley.


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