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Glacier Home Designs

With sharp lines that intercept across the external facade crisply at right angles, piercing edges that stand out as owning any space it sits within, you would be forgiven for thinking a design from the Glacier Range is coming loaded with attitude. What makes it ice cold is that it doesn’t care where you want to build it or the terrain you’re going to put it on. Why? Well it has a huge mid-level completely dedicated to relaxing and entertaining along with a galley kitchen, walk-through scullery and walk-in pantry. That level sits above a bedroom level and extends beyond to provide drive-through parking. The master suite then sits at a completely different level that can be adjusted to either work with that sloping piece of hillside you want to build on or to just create that extra bit of difference to your home.

Want to go a bit further? Why not swap the master suite with your media area and create a whole separate entertaining space, all still connected with internal stairways and landings. Pretty cool huh?



Glacier 4×2 + Media

Glacier Extra 4×2 + Media