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Daintree Loft Home Designs

Ever pictured laying in bed on a crisp winter morning looking out to see a winter fog slowly rolling through the trees outside? Or perhaps sitting on a rich timber deck perched high above the grounds below and being so close you can almost reach out and touch the forest beyond. Maybe you already have that in your life and just want more. Feel free to settle in to our Daintree Loft series of homes. With free form ground entertaining that transitions perfectly to generous outdoor living spaces and super-sized loft spaces that provide a master suite and it’s own living area with views to the floor below, a Daintree Loft will provide you with a perfect home, no matter its surroundings.

All designs are available in the no-cost option of Traditional or Modern style elevations.

Daintree Loft 4×2

Daintree Loft 5×2

Daintree Loft 5×2 + Media