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Coastal 4x2

Coastal 4×2

Why change something if it isn’t broken? Nothing wrong with a few tweaks here and there though just to give you some ideas of how easy our designs are to work with. With an extra bedroom and an alternative entertaining and kitchen layout, the Coastal Modern 4×2 + Media just keeps offering.

All designs are available in the no-cost option of Traditional or Modern style elevations.

Overall Size

  • Width: 18.65m
  • Length: 14.8m


  • 234.33m2


  • House: 178.23m2
  • Verandahs: 47.70m2
  • Portico: 38.40m2
  • Optional carport: 36.00m2


Want to know more?

For more information contact Peter Harding on:

0401 047 479